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Our Inspiration

Censored came to be to address the historical and ongoing censorship of women and our bodies within society that has reached every corner of life, from the advertisements standardising an idealised sense of feminine beauty to the roles we take within our workplaces, schools, and homes. The stereotypical portrayal of women as either “feminine” by male parameters or manipulative, emotional and bad when they fall outside of these parameters has pigeon-holed the diverse and complex attributes that make up a woman and relegated her to a label or segment to be further compartmentalised and reprimanded. With our lipsticks and the community we are forming, we hope to reclaim the labels cast upon us and embody such labels' censored and visible attributes.

About Our Shades

We want to embrace every side of women. The good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing, the fabulous and all the unique traits that make you you. With this in mind, we are reclaiming the identity of “badly” portrayed female characters throughout history and embracing the intricacies that make them individuals. Each lipstick shade is represented by a female character, stereotype or label whose society-given attributes can be embodied by any of us when we’re feeling a particular way. From lightest to darkest shade, Eve is our rosy pink, First Lady is our smoked rose, Honeypot is our vibrant red, Bad Stepmom is our deep red, and Medusa is our purple-red. Click below to discover the story behind each shade and our insights into how you can embody the energy and determination of the women behind your lipstick.


Our Commitment 

Our overarching mission is to ensure no woman is in a place of danger at home, work, school, and especially, walking down the street. Every woman should have the right to live without facing gender-based violence; however, the reality is that almost 1 in 3 females aged 15+ has faced sexual or physical violence at least once in their lives, not including sexual harassment or violence towards minors. We have made a commitment to do our part to help our community, donating 10% of all sales to Women’s Aid UK to support women in our community facing horrific circumstances and raise further awareness on the impact of violence on mental health. Find out more via the Women’s Aid website, and check out our #uncensored campaign, our efforts to open up the conversation on gender-based violence and harassment with the stories of our community and customers.


About Our Carvings

Our intricately carved lipsticks are composed of several elements representing our brand, Censored and reclaiming the feminine power behind each shade. In the centre lays our bed of roses, the soft yet prickly flower symbolising sweetness, beauty, and adversity. Snakes surround, envelop, and hide amongst foliage, representing the Garden of Eden and the original sin attributed to women. The snakes serve a secondary purpose through their linkage to women, embodying negative connotations associated with snakes, such as deception and manipulation. At the bottom of each carving is a drawing representing female sex organs to open up the taboo surrounding female sexual pleasure and encourage our customers to familiarise themselves with their bodies.

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